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What is Diazepam?

Diazepam is the prescription drug that is generally prescribed to the people suffering from anxiety disorders. The drug can even be used to treat muscle spasms, acute alcohol withdrawal symptoms as well as seizures.  The medication is classified as benzodiazepine which works to increase the nervous system activity thereby regulating the chemicals in brain. Diazepam is even identified by its main name, Valium though the generic types are even available. Further this medication can prove to be habit forming and may be damaging if taken in large quantities. So the healthcare providers are very careful while prescribing the drug. Diazepam is even used to treat the problem of seizures when combined with other drugs. Diazepam no prescription can also be obtained from the online drug pharmacies and stores.

How to use Diazepam?

Diazepam generally comes in the liquid or capsules form. A hospitalized patient might get intravenous dosage of this drug as well. The dosage amount for the drug depends on condition as well as age of the patient and most adults are prescribed to use 10 mg of the medication twice in a day or even more. The general side effects that can be faced with the drug include dizziness and drowsiness though the patient may even experience some vision changes, appetite loss, nausea and mental confusion.

Take the drug exactly as prescribed by the doctor. Do not take Diazepam in larger quantities or for longer periods of time than actually recommended. Follow directions and instructions on the prescription label of the drug as well.

Do not stop taking the drug suddenly without talking to the healthcare provider first as you may face withdrawal symptoms or seizures. The withdrawal symptoms that you may face include trouble sleeping, stomach pain, sweating, unusual behavior and thoughts, vomiting, muscle cramps and tremor.

What if I miss a dose of Diazepam?

If you miss the dose, use it when you remember. In case it is near the next scheduled dose, skip the dose that you have missed and then start with the usual schedule. Never double the Diazepam dosage just to catch up the missed one. In case you take the drug to treat seizures, take it in case it is remembered within an hour of missed dose.

Diazepam drug interactions


Diazepam can interact potentially with some specific medications and lead to drug interactions. These medications include anesthetics, barbiturates, antipsychotics, alcohol, antidepressants, opiates or narcotics, grapefruit juice, sleep drugs, seizure medications as well as probenecid.


Diazepam precautions

For some patients, the drug can even cause depression. The drug can further cause serious problems while breathing or drowsiness. Some other precautions with the medication include drug interactions, security of taking the drug when pregnant or nursing and the people who should not use the drug at all like the ones with eye problem called as narrow angle glaucoma.

The drug can further cause physical as well as psychological dependence. The danger of dependence and abuse is greater for all the patients who take higher doses of Diazepam, and for longer time periods. The elderly people are generally more sensitive to Diazepam effects and should start with low dosage. The drug may increase risk to fall that is highly dangerous in the elderly patients with brittle bones and weakness. It is recommended not to take the drug in case you face multiple sclerosis. Never use the medication in case you are severely depressed or have the Alzheimer’s disease. The medication is further used to cure irritable bowel syndrome as well as panic attacks and so let your healthcare provider know about possible dangers of using the drug for your problems.

The drug is sometimes even prescribed for the uses other than what has been discussed till now. Diazepam is taken to be the Category D drug that means that this medication is not secure to be used during pregnancy time. So consult with your doctor regarding the benefits as well as risks associated with using the medication during pregnancy.

Diazepam storage

Store Diazepam at room temperature i.e. between 15 and 30 degrees C away from moisture as well as heat. Do not ever store the medication in bathroom. Never flush the drug down the toilet unless you are instructed. Discard the medication properly when no longer required or when it has expired. Talk to your nearby waste disposal company or the local pharmacist to know details of how to properly discard the medication.

So buy Diazepam if you face the problems that this drug is used to treat. Never go with bad quality drug just to save a few pennies.


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